Jim Sargent posted on February 13, 2019
Today I learned of Tim 's passing . He was a good friend whom I met while he was in practice for fishing tournaments on High Rock lake . One day I fished with him and was impressed with his All Out fishing ability . Any time he was in our area he and I would attend church and enjoy the ministry of God's Holy Spirit . He has finished his race and I look forward to seeing him in heaven ! God bless his family and help each one deal with their grief .

Rocky Fox posted on February 12, 2019
You will be missed by many. I remember growing up on Hart Street in East Durham and all the good times we had as kids. Rest in peace my friend.

Mark Clark posted on February 12, 2019
I have been friends with Tim for 35+ years. We worked together, took classes, and studied for our contractors license (that was a chore since Tim knew everything) and hung out like friends do. Around that time, Tim started going to church which was a turning point in a positive direction for him. He still had his moments displaying his temper, but he would refer to his church family needing to help him back to the "straight and narrow". Tim would call me to ask my opinion on an electrical issue only to say he knew "that" when I gave him the answer. I would ask him why he called me if he knew it, he would hang up on me and a few days later would call back to apologize. Visits to our home often involved Tim "terrorizing" my son by hanging him off our deck with the "bowling ball hold". He was a little easier on my daughter. They thought he was neat and always looked forward to his visits and his way out antics. Tim was hard headed and stubborn and could irritate the fire out of me. But if there was a friend I could count on day or night, it was Tim. I miss him and it is hard to imagine days without him around.

Terri posted on February 11, 2019
I don't have the words! My heart is so sad, but I know you are so much happier and healthy again! I'm so grateful that when I got to see you in the hospital, you still had that sweet little boy smile and mischevious sense of humor. We have so many memories! So proud of the man you became thru all the trials you endured. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I know I will see you again in our heavenly home my friend.

Cindy Paschall Long posted on February 11, 2019
RIP old friend. God Speed. God had a plan for you and you fulfilled your duty. Your work here is done. Now you are home. Bless you and your family Until we meet again!

Don Allen posted on February 10, 2019
I Knew Tim From a young boy,his father, and most of the other family members.Tim and I shared a lot of our ups and downs we had in life,all ways enjoyed our times together.we would laugh,and cry about past.things we had done.Tim we will meet again one day,Will miss you buddy, God bless the Family.

Hall posted on February 10, 2019
Tim was a great friend, many times he has been to our home to help us and new would accept any money . I know he is with our Lord Jesus. Love Sandra Hall

Keith McClintock posted on February 8, 2019
Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Keith and Amy McClintock Pine State Electric and Lighting Center

Scott Freeman posted on February 8, 2019
Tim I will miss you buddy! You did so much for me over the years and blessed me. I am glad that I went to see you a couple of weeks ago. We talked about heaven and I will see you there. Prayers to your family.

Joan Luquire posted on February 7, 2019
Rest In Peace my friend. God be with your family and countless friends.

Doug Harmon posted on February 7, 2019
RIP my East Durham brother

Cathy Hall posted on February 7, 2019
Will always remember the good times with my ole East Durham friend! To all of Tim's family know that he is no longer in pain and his memory will stay with you forever. So glad we had our get together a year or so ago everyone enjoyed spending time catching up!

Tim Harmon posted on February 7, 2019
Being in business myself, I would see Tim at homes I was remodeling! He was truly a man among men. When he first started his business he rewired my father in laws home. He did such a great job my father in Law ( jimmy miles) gave him 100$ knowing he was new in business. Well, in Tim fashion with a note, gave him the the hundred back and reduced his bill by 300$. That's what he would do! I will miss my childhood and lifetime friend ! Love , prayers, and good thoughts.

Wanda McGhee posted on February 7, 2019
I knew of Tim most of my life. I didn't know he was your Dad Elizabeth. He was a good man. He loved you and your sweet babies. He will be missed by so many. He's with our Heavenly Father now and in no pain or sickness. You and your babies are in my prayers! God Bless you all.

Paul and Carol Separk posted on February 7, 2019
We have the fondest memories of Tim. We are so sorry he passed at his relatively young age in life. Memories are never lost from our memory of ones life, so Tim has gone home with the Lord,but his memories live in all that knew him. Our Prayers go out to the Emory family and our heart breaks for our niece Elizabeth.

mike wilson posted on February 7, 2019
my condolence to him and his family. Tim and I grew up together since elementary school. we fought, worked,played and was raised together as true friends. In the end he found the lord and was as compassionate about his believes that we shared together. My fondest memory's of Tim would be playing baseball with his dad and brother. He is with his father now and the story's and the great times will go on. Proud to call him my friend and brother in life. Rest in peace. May your journey in lord be as passionate as your life. I will miss your fire in life.

Bruce Eudy posted on February 6, 2019
I worked with Tim as well as hunted with him and we spent a little time at each others homes. He was always quick with a funny story and he always treated me square. I hate to see him go

John & Marcie Sellars posted on February 6, 2019
We met Tim at Bible Baptist and he was a joy to be around...we will miss his huge heart for others and for the Lord. Remember fishing in his pond....You will be missed but we will see you again really soon....praying for the family as God wraps His loving arms around you. John, Marcie and Heather Sellars

Roxanne Ballard posted on February 6, 2019
Where do I start? First I would like to give my condolences to The Emory family, especially Elizabeth. Tim was a very unique person, you either loved him or hated him. He was very passionate about life, he loved fast cars, boats, and motorcycles, he loved to fish and hunt and the outdoors. He loved children especially his. He may not have always been able to show them, but I think this may have stemmed from his upbringing his father was hard on him when he was younger, he may not have known how. Above all, I know he loved the Lord and he wasn't a perfect person he was honest about his past which could be rough and scary and when you first hear it, your eyes get wide and you go……Really?... Okay. Because you see the person he had become. He always told me "Ya see, you have two dogs inside you, one good one bad, and whichever you feed the most gets the strongest". This is true in all of us, who don't struggle. He tried to correct his wrongs and he built him a reputable business, he wasn't afraid to work for his money, he was hardworking and honest and expected the same from you. Even though I haven't seen him for years and I was unaware that he had gotten sick the news saddened me about his passing. Tim was my friend, and it also saddens me that his life was so short. He was the kind of person after everything he had been through you thought you can't kill this man he'll never die, sadly we are all called home. Rest in Peace my dear friend you work is over. Your testimony has touched many people and I am sure it's changed lives, but the way tried to you lived your life touched even more. I will not forget your smile, your quirky jokes, and sayings or your lust for life. Thanks for the memories! Always, Roxanne

Ed Williams posted on February 6, 2019
You were one of a kind, my brother, and a good man who turned his life around to honor God. You will always be remembered.

Daniel R Flebotte posted on February 6, 2019
My friend, you were a man of your word. You were honest to the bone. You found God in the most beautiful way. You were a friend I knew was in my corner and could count on. I will miss you sorely.

Tina McCorkle Hathaway posted on February 6, 2019
Many good memories. Praying for all your cousins and family.

Teresa Wilson Dezern posted on February 6, 2019
I am so sorry for ur loss. I knew Tim when he was a small child. My family an his lived in Jacksonville Fla. The last time i saw Tim he wired a trailer for me in Oxford. Tim was well known an i know he will be missed by so many that knew him. U rest in peace my long time friend. U have joined ur parents now an i know they r happy to see their baby boy finally.

Jerry Phillips posted on February 6, 2019
Tim Emory May God Bless Your Soul And Let You Rest In Peace My Brother. You Will Be Missed By Many People.

Ricky Allen posted on February 6, 2019
Already missing you BONDING buddy. Didn't mean to scare you in Equador, but you have no reason to be scared now. I kissed you on your forehead before we left you, and I know if you had been awake we'd probably still be fighting about it. Guess I did something right for once...... but I'll see you again.

Jeffrey Berry posted on February 6, 2019
So sorry to hear about about Tim's passing. Always enjoyed talking to him when we where at Bible Baptist

Dot Godsey posted on February 5, 2019
Prayers go out to Elizabeth and the girls. So sorry for your loss. Tim touched so many lives and his love for the Lord was so remarkable. Howard and I will miss Tim and I know our grandsons Mason and Owen Birchall will miss him. These boys prayed so hard for Tim to get better so he could go home but little did they know that God had a better home for him to go to. Prayers also to the rest of the family. Rest in Peace Tim!!

Jimmy Anderson. posted on February 5, 2019
I loved your fire and spirit.

Billy and Donna Mickle posted on February 5, 2019
We were blessed to fellowship with Tim at Bible Baptist. We will miss him, his smile, and his warm handshakes. Tim is enjoying all the joys of Heaven and would encourage everyone to make sure they are ready to join him there when the times comes. We are praying for the family.

Dorothy Clayton posted on February 5, 2019
Emory Family: Tim was such a blessing to us when he attended Bible Baptist Church. We will surely miss him. Vance and Dorothy Clayton

Rick Harper posted on February 5, 2019
God speed, my old friend.

Jim and Beth Onorato posted on February 5, 2019
I never met Mr. Emory, but he shared his testimony with my daughter while he was hospitalized. He planted a seed. I am so grateful. My prayers are now with his family and friends. May God bless and comfort you all.

Chuck Winston posted on February 5, 2019
Sad to hear of your passing much too soon old friend RIP

dwayne walker posted on February 5, 2019
My friend Tim was called home to be with his heavenly father. I will miss the friendship that we shared. And life stories that were told." Remember when ". My prayers are with his family at this time.

Mike and Patricia Wynne posted on February 5, 2019
Was a friend,and Will be missed.

Ron Duffy posted on February 5, 2019
Will miss hearing those beagles chase those bunnys brother. As we said a few weeks ago for those who are brothers in Christ, it is see you later not good by.

Janice posted on February 5, 2019
You will always live in my memories. And without a doubt in know you are with our Lord and Savior now. Your life has Been a great testimony and saved many. Loved and will be missed by many ♥️

James and Patsy Barker posted on February 4, 2019
You will be missed...

Tom and Priscilla posted on February 4, 2019
Please know our love and prayers are with you. He was a wonderful Paw Paw, Dad, and friend!

neil clifton posted on February 4, 2019
so sorry to hear of his passing to soon will be missed!!!