Vivian Taylor Briggs posted on September 21, 2018
Roger always had a kind word for everyone. I used to see him at Walmart at Briar Creek. He would be riding one of those little carts. I would hear someone yell "Hey,Shug"! It was Roger with the smile he always had on his face. We would talk about his truck and the fact that it still would go. We finally decided that someone above was just giving it some shoves to keep it on the road. I don't believe that Roger ever realized just how many friends he had.

Buddy Gunter posted on September 21, 2018
Lost and old and dear friend -always ask about and had a kind word for everyone. Don't understand how he drove that old truck for so long.

Melissa Andreoni posted on September 19, 2018
SHUG!!! All your girls (shugs) at Bull City Family Medicine are going to miss your marriage proposals every time you came to the office. We were always excited to see your smiling face. You always made our day much brighter every time you came in or called. We know that all your pain is gone and your smile is even brighter. You will be dearly missed by all of your family at Bull City Family Medicine. We love you! Rest in Peace

Deborah Olsen posted on September 14, 2018
I remember how much he loved old westerns on TV. We would watch Jerry Springer and Family Feed in the mornings. And he almost always ended a sentence with a woman by calling her "shug". He was nice, kind, and a truly GOOD man. I still think of how much pain he lived through and I know he is in heaven. His family missed out on loving and being loved by one of God's angels.