Jim McCormick posted on October 4, 2018
Dr Schwartz was my favorite teacher at UNC during my undergraduate years in the early 70s. He was an amazing man who challenged us but made Russian history very interesting. I thought about him as I just returned from a trip St Petersburg and Moscow. He was the best!

Fred Hall posted on July 31, 2018
Shalom, Family. I just learned of my friend and former colleague's passing as I bumped into Myrna and Marina outside the Chapel Hill Public Library. May you be comforted at this time by knowing how admired he was by folks like me, and by knowing that the memories he deposited in us all will ever remain. And as a grandfather of three myself, I can testify to the delight that must have been brought by "...his three grandchildren, who were his greatest joy and source of happiness in his final years." Shalom Tamid.

Karin Griffiths posted on July 12, 2018
So sorry, Myrna, to hear about Joel. It seems just a little time ago we were talking at Trader Joe's about you two moving to a condo. Last time I saw Joel when he came over for Dave's memorial which also seems not so long ago. I remember nice times together, at the Debreczinis, at picnics, at your lake. Condolences to you and the family. Karin Griffiths

Emory "Mac" Bare posted on July 11, 2018
TO Dr. Schwartz's family: You don't know me, nor would he remember me, but I remember Joel Schartz very well. 45 years ago he taught me, a student interested in all things Russian, a course on political science of the Soviet Union. I remember perhaps a half dozen of my teachers at UNC, and few with more appreciation than Dr. Scwartz. A great teacher. I pray comfort for you in your loss.

Steve Dobbins posted on July 11, 2018
Prof Schwartz was one of my favorite professors at UNC. His course on the Soviet Union in the early 1980s was fascinating. I saw him at a local restaurant 2 or 3 years ago and I was happy to tell him how much I enjoyed being in his class. He was a tremendous asset to the University. I extend my sympathies to his family.

Rick Courtright posted on July 10, 2018
It is not unusual for teachers to have favorite students, but it is not very typical that a teacher has favorites among the parents of their students. Although it has been over forty years since the days of being the teacher of two of my favorite students, David and Ray, I remember vividly the pleasure of interacting with Joel and Myrna. My deepest condolences to the entire family of Dr. Schwartz - a very special educator, and even more special parent. Peace to you all.

Charlotte D. Williams posted on July 10, 2018
Myrna and Family, I have many fond memories of Dr. Schwartz, a man of strong convictions. I also came to know him as a man with a big heart and will always remember his kindness to my daughter and me. May your memories comfort you and the love, thoughts and prayers of those who care sustain you.

Jodi Mills posted on July 9, 2018
So sorry to hear of his passing. Myrna, please accept the condolences of the UL Staff.

meyer liberman posted on July 9, 2018
I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Joel over the past few years as a fellow member of a course at Shared Learning of Chapel Hill . I learned to appreciate and respect his knowledge and wisdom and to enjoy his gentle and nurturing persona. I will miss his presence and send condolences to his family. Meyer Liberman

Kathleen Tanner Kennedy posted on July 9, 2018
Prof. Schwartz was one of my poli sci professors at UNC 30 some years ago, and he was a great one! I still remember how much I enjoyed him and his class. My best to the family.

Tom Wallsten posted on July 9, 2018
Dear Myrna and family, My deepest condolences to you on Joel's passing. He was a wonderful man - thoughtful, kind, compassionate and, I know, a dedicated teacher and UNC faculty member. I remember him fondly. Tom Wallsten

Patricia c Beyle posted on July 8, 2018
An era has past. Joel and Thad came into the Poli Sci department about the same time. It was a special time in the history of the campus. There were lots of laughs and challenges. The Beyle family holds the Schwartz family in very high regard on many levels. Much love to you all. Pat

Patricia c Beyle posted on July 8, 2018
An era has past. Joel and Thad came into the Poli Sci department about the same time. It was a special time in history. Lots of funny stories and lots of challenges. The Beyle family valued the Schwartz family on many levels. Much love to you all. Pat

Arna posted on July 8, 2018
I am saddened to hear this news. Joel was one of the best! My warmest condolences to Myrna, David and Ray!