Dustin Noland posted on December 18, 2013
Carl and I were like family when we were younger. We were in Boy Scouts together in Troop 121 in the Four Rivers District in Baltimore. Our families both lived in Brooklyn and were very close. Carl will be missed by anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him and grieved for extensively by those of us who took the time to know him and in doing so undoubtedly grew to love him.

Beth Crittenton posted on September 30, 2013
I remember when Carl was Little Carl and he & his sister playing with my children, Chris & Kim. He always had a smile on his face. He was always willing to help others. Barbara, as a mother I can't even begin to feel the grief you are experiencing. You were a wonderful mother to Carl. You are in my prayers and thoughts. Val, you have had to be responsible & "grown up" for awhile now. I know you have bent over backwards to help Carl Jr. Your good deeds will help carry you through this. You were such a special, much loved sister. Carl would have and did do everything he could to help you with Elizabeth, Steven Jr and Alexander. My prayers are also with everyone in Carl's family. We are grieving with you. Love to you all!!!! Beth aka Val's Second Mother